Monday, March 19, 2018

We URGENTLY need your help again to save the Canyon !

The developers have appealed Torfaen's decision to turn the application down, so it is going to the Planning Inspectorate,
who need all your comments in by 28th March 2018.

Please join our facebook group at
Please share this on the internet with your friends, neighbours and colleagues
Please print this off for those who need help with internet access or would prefer to write

Even if you have written before to object, please object again by either:
1)  going to and clicking on
"Make Representation", or
2)  emailing quoting reference  Case APP/V6945/A/17/3187180
and cc in, or
3)  writing to Wales Assembly Government, Planning Inspectorate, Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3NQ
quoting reference  Case APP/V6945/A/17/3187180

You must include your name and address etc for comments to be valid.  If you have photos of you enjoying the
canyon, send them one. Responses need to be in your own words, but the sort of things you could include are:
  • The site is valuable for many species of wildlife including 13 Schedule One birds that use the area.
  • The woodland where the proposed new road will go is valuable ancient woodland with many important species including several types of bat
  • 100 lorries a day on the proposed new access road across the common - increased risk of flooding to nearby properties, and interference to public amenity of those using the common
  • the canyons are now much more widely used and known about because of the publicity around the planning application (send photos and examples)
  • the developers said there was no public access to the land at the planning meeting. This is not true.  The canyon is well used by walkers and cyclists, and the areas of common immediately surrounding the canyon (including the road and the common) are used by walkers, cyclists, horseriders, people flying model planes and kites and playing golf.  All these will be endangered by the lorry movements.
  • Peakman claim this is a "restoration" project taking "secondary aggregates" which will improve the canyon and its environment and they are using rules for developing old industrial sites which have recently closed, rather than a site which nature has reclaimed over the last 50+ years.
  • unacceptable noise, light and dust pollution to local residents and neighbouring communities such as Brynithel, Llanhilleth and Pantagasseg
  • significant additional HGV movements and associated pollution on the already congested and heavily polluted roads through Hafodyrynys and Crumlin
  • the canyons are part of our industrial heritage and should be protected and linked with nearby Blaenavon World Heritage Site
  • the benefit of 12 jobs does not outweigh all the bad consequences of this development
  • there is no longer a requirement for Torfaen to produce a certain amount of aggregate
  • is there a shortage of this sort of stone? No, so opening up this quarry will simply mean jobs are lost elsewhere - so no job gain

  • the site should be preserved for the enjoyment of future generations

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