Thursday, November 14, 2013

Destruction of the Canyon comes a step closer

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9.4   In practice, planning proposals for the Tir Pentwys site are well advanced and thus a clear indication  is available of its potential to achieve the Plan’s aims.  Given the existing deep excavations, the
wider visual impact of the extraction itself would be limited and it would be practicable to impose and enforce restrictions on the operations to minimise the impact on nearby residents.  A new haul
road would be required which would be visible where it crosses the plateau to the south of the quarry (although much of its length would be along existing roads) and would also require significant
engineering works to reach the Old Crumlin Road.  Those works would also involve changes to an area of ancient woodland which could have an effect on the nature conservation value of the area.  However, the area of woodland is a substantial one and I have not been made aware of any factors which would prevent an acceptable technical solution being arrived at.  I am satisfied that the Tir Pentwys site is capable of meeting the aggregates requirements of the Borough.

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